Structure in

-> A Structure can be defined as a collection of data member that are related under one name and those member can be of similar type or dissimilar name.

-> Simply, it is called as grouping of data items.

-> It is used for defining user defied data-type. By using primitive data-type(int,float….).

-> Skeleton :

 struct Rectangle
        int length;                                // 2 byte(size)
       int breadth;                              //2  byte(size)
                                                  //  ----------------------------------
};                                                       //  4 byte (total size of this structure)
int main()
struct Rectangle r;                             //declaration of structure
struct Rectangle r={10,5};               //declaration+initialization of structure

Note: Structure occupy memory when we create a variable of structure not when we declare of structure.

How to access the member of the structure ?
-> By using dot(.) operator.

r.length=15; //for above structure example accessing length of rectangle.


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