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How to Install LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate in Ubuntu Apache Server

In this tutorial you will be able to install LetsEncrypt SSL certifcate in NGINX Ubuntu Server Learn how to install Apache server in Ubuntu Step 1 SSHSSH into your Ubuntu server Step 2 – Add Certbot PPA in RepositoryRun the following commands to add Certbot PPA Repository Step 3 – Install Certbot Step 4 – […]Read More

How to Host a Website in Apache Web Server Ubuntu

In this tutorial you are going to learn How to host a website in Apache Web Server Ubuntu. PrerequisiteHow to install Apache Web Server in Ububtu 1. Create a folder for the website that you want to host in var/www/html You can run the following command to go to html folder in ubuntu 2. Create […]Read More

How to Install and Configure Apache Web Server in Ubuntu

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Install and Configure Apache Web Server in Ubuntu. Apache web server is a widely used open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows. How to install and configure the Apache web server in Ubuntu systems. Step 1: Updating RepositoriesYou can download and update the […]Read More